Saturday, June 28, 2008

Numb Love!!

The reverberation of denunciation was the loudest,
He now no longer feared them,
For he knows she can’t do so again,
Never ever again.

The pain is still fresh,
So is the wound.
She knew none about his mastering,
Unaware was the fate.

He dug her door with anxiety,
Dug and dug till it broke.
Now that she was on view,
He had it for sure, Ha-ha!

He gave a muted laughter,
The one which only he could sense,
Now that he held her by hand,
Dragged her all out.

Hush he said to her,
For he didn’t want to be caught,
She obeyed for the first time,
Emotionless with the world.

She was exposed to the evil,
That she knew none of,
She never thought so,
For blame the sins.

He tore her out of her cloth,
Little resistance she could afford,
He took the command,
After so many longing days.

He grabbed her insecureness,
He took herself his,
Today he will lose his purity,
For the power was all his.

He entered her stiff,
For the pain it threw,
But it was his first contact,
Contact with the rage.

The victory he felt,
Was for the act of playing the denied.
He laughed, then he cried
He cheered, then he dried.

The act was not long,
His soberness still on its way,
For he was done with the feel,
All up and high today.

Now he carried her back to her place,
Throwing her in with his might,
Putting the shovel to work,
And thus let the grave relive the unknown.

*Themed On Necrophilism*


...Mystified... said...

I confused. But I like the rage which it only question...why??? Rage is piteous. Piteous and low. Low and unnecessary. And yet relevant. *sigh*

Aashi said...

hey i thot i had commntd on this one :O

anywys u knw wat i felt in this poem viggy..the rawness of lust....something that could have been vulgar had sum1 not been of ur caliber....

awesum job buddy.. :) and i think iv already told u tht

Jingle said...

powerful emotions.
well penned.

Anonymous said...

This is a dark and intense piece, beautifully written

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Great poem, but I am going to make a constructive criticism. Where you use phrases like 'He grabbed her insecureness' it can come across as a vague statement. I would suggest incorporating more specific, concrete, imagery. For example an specific action or event that shows the reader 'He grabbed her insecureness' without telling. Overall it is a great poem and I hope my comment hasn't caused offence.

Vinod Narayan said...

Loved it

the feeling lioness said...


Anonymous said...

Very different theme indeed! Keep up the good work :)

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