Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Perceptionised Realities Of Virtual Self

In a dark room I was kept under observations,
Comes out my mother and says to the doctor,
She says "she is being followed",
"Always fights against the air ",

I silently listen as I see I am above the world,
And the most important.
Its me the one who knows the truth,
And the one who laughs on the fakes around.

 "May be she suffers from delusional parasitosis",
In this people loose contact with reality,
They are unaware of the real world,
And never ever will the truth be heard.

Are they so confident about the real world,
Is it so easy to fool the sense out of them,
Just some commandments to make over,
And a genesis of new existence.

I was always right in this erroneous world,
My essence pushing to the tip,
And the ecstasy of ignorance,
Was bluntly jagged.
“She will need a little treatment”
Thus the rescue comes of the doc,
“Nothing to worry”
For she knew it her way.

A treatment to lose my origin,
A way to make me equally insane,
Make me one of those filthy-self,
To crush the very existing non-pretender around.

Years passed and things seemed normal,
She doesn’t fight much now,
Has now the induced humane touch,
Now smiles her mother and both walk away from the clinic.

While going out Amy looks at another girl scream in her room,
She laughs with an accepting smile,
Looks at her mother,
Who silently stare at her for a while.

Both walk back home,
Images of the girls scream
Runs around in Amy’s head,
For a moment she thought she aint dead.
Later as they go home, and mom goes out,
Amy locks herself in her room
And when all go away she says "you are back again eh, i told you not to follow me",
Pointing fingers at the air she said
I was here and I will always be there.

Fear of being a looser too much was gripped,
Inconsistent paranoia of the mind,
Ending up feeding to the escapism of the soul wants,
For reality can never haunt.

*A real old work of mine.. Lost and Found!! *
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