Thursday, October 16, 2008

Undead Intimacy!!

Oh little sunshine from the unseen brink,
The brink of unknown to swallow my fear,
The fear of unborn for the sanctity,
The fear of undead for the vice.

It has been ages knowing the light,
The light of unknown wisdom,
Very wisdom of the concealed memory,
Rotten memory of my victims.

The immortality is such a grievous curse,
A Curse of lust and beauty,
Of monotony and bizarre thoughts,
Of Peace-Mar.

Ah, the hankering of speckled Moon,
Brings down a beat on my arctic heart,
The warm air caressing me soft,
Such a comfort, such repose.

Every single day pass like blight,
In silence I live in silence I hunt,
Silence is the only secret shame that haunts,
For light looks at me and always taunts.

I believe in God,
For we share the creation,
And you have to accept me the God of current era,
For then maybe I might save some sacrifice.

I love, I hate, I sing, I dance,
As I was before the re-birth,
I am the nature’s son,
Caressed by the mother earth.

Fill my vein and you would be my beloved,
For then you would feel my heart,
Love me just for a while...can’t you?
For later I would have another lover.

So am I too evil?
All this love is to hear your brittle neck fracture,
My love is a torment,
You sure would pleasure the pain.

Am I not a creation to be marveled at?
Am I not so special for you?
Won’t you give me droplets of blood?
And that too few?

A little taste of you,
And I will whisper the last words,
For your flesh,
As I love you.

I am honored to accept this Perfect Poet Award for Poets Rally 45. I would like to nominate Aashi for the next award.
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