Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fate to Blame...

If anyone had asked him what kind of life he wants to live,
He would have replied “Perhaps a dog’s life...”
And then he would justify the beauty that he could only see,
The freedom on them he felt,
A purposeless, duty less life he craved.
As a kid, he would sit with them and wander his mind around,
Enjoying the earth He created,
He felt it was to be enjoyed not worked on.

Poor those who wondered the purpose to exist,
To feel responsibilities are all you get to come down here,
Its education, work and die is what meant to be born,
Ah, Poor those.

God never sold the earth to human,
It was rented to enjoy, not settle,
Enjoy and be done was what he wanted.

Now he can’t do anything about it,
He was cursed a human.
Well if anyone would have asked what he would want to become in life,
He would say “Perhaps a Hitchhiker… I guess.”
And again he would have given a justification pretty similar,
Be gone the humans, I want to live it the way I want,
Roam the Rome, Kiss the French,
Mystify the Egypt, Purify the India,The list went on…

But if anyone would have asked him what is he doing,
He would say “CEO of a IT company..”
Then he would never justify why he ended so,
Maybe he wasn’t serious about the previous ones,
Or he was just another human to have ended up in a predefined way,
He would blame the society which bore him with responsibilities,
The fates have taken away another choice, He felt..
But would he have been happy with the first choice himself?
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