Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lover Eye

She stared back,
She stared me equally tensed,
No smile, No frown.
Not knowing what to do?
Am i alive or dead?
She wanted to figure her existence in my stare,
She was there on the audience,
And me the clown of the show trying to fit the case,
The innocence was too much to miss.

Every smile in my face answers all the truth she ever wanted to know,
But this evening was different.
Was she herself?
Did she know that only I can see her and no one else.
Does she realise only her presence can be felt but not seen by the rest,
But she was all my eyes lies.

Bringing back the sweet memories of the old past,
The same passion,
The same kindness.
A past I wished to wash off,
A past that remembered when an emotional apocalypse creates repression in my brains,
I tried to save my fumbling,
But as always end up ruining my character,
Then to distract I shouted loud my verse,
"O thou, my lovely boy, who in thy power
Dost hold Time's fickle glass, his sickle, hour........"

Naah it couldn’t catch the right pitch,
Nor the feel it should have,
Again I promised that this was my last attempt to stage.
My passion was her sacrifice.

My mind flew back to the days of her life,
Memory of her presence,
Her love for my act,
Inspiration it all was.
The memory of her act,
The tragedy it all was.
Little I know the anger would kill the angel,
My life was cursed since then.

Now that my work was over,
I can't quit the stage,
And thought “No matter what, the show must go on ",
And then went straight to my beloved fiancée.

Monday, December 01, 2008

But it rained....

There she was standing in the crowd,
Withholding the deadness she felt.
She was the doll of the show,
Modeling herself the whole day.

All the rituals were the extra burden,
Flowers blossomed in her head,
Beautifying the unreal self.
Again and again and again!!

Dazed about her feeling,
Was she happy for the cross over,
Or would she regret this day for rest of her life.
Was it even her choice to start with?

But for now she had to smile,
And flash at the cameras spotting on her.
Aaahhh, the world sure is easy for pretence,
For them this day is the typical happy ever after.

She stood there with her supposed love,
Accepting the appreciations and wishes.
She was so tired,
Her body is already aching now.

And still they expected a lot from her,
Poor she, trying to show her unfound strength,
Wishing the finale of this episode,
She stayed on and on...

Dance, Music, Foods,
All set there to enjoy,
But did she?
She hardly will remember.

Atlast she was done with the stage,
Now she can enjoy her food,
But naaah, she has to pose a little now,
A little blush and smile was taken debt on.

Then later she is was spared,
She took her plate and sat with her dad,
He was munching his last bite,
Lost in the thoughts.

She said nothing,
Just enjoying the presumed company.
She was fiddling the food with the knifes and forks.
Silence was savored.

But not for long,
Slowly they talked about the day,
The regulars, the usuals,
Nothing changed.

But till when?
She wont be talking the regular like this again,
She wished she wont have to break down now,
She fills her mouth with food.

After the dinner,
She just couldnt stop it,
She cried herself,
Taking the shoulder of anyone around.

Would she miss dumb talks,
The argues she used to have with mom?
The unappreciated care,
Would she..??

Sounds so dumb to leave the relied for the unknown,
Why should her life change so abruptly??
Another few days would have been better,
She had a lot to talk, talk to them.

But it rained then,
It just had to, for He too blessed her,
They poured together,
And both knew it would end as time passed.....
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