Monday, August 23, 2010

Born To Die

She was weak and numb inside the Holy Grail,
She knew that her coming out was same as burying in.
It was only six months and few weeks,
She was not yet expected by the novel world.
But they didn’t let her stay in anymore.
Her body was now dragged out with ventouse,
Only a tube coupled with the holy lady.
She did not cry.
Her bareness made her feel wintry,
She was then cleaned and wrapped by a single sheet of cloth.
She slept a nightmare.
The next movement she saw a pompous face full of tears,
Alongside the lady was a man standing,
Giving her his finger to hold.
She felt an inside twinge,
But couldn’t tell a word about it.
She did not yet cry as she should,
Her lungs were immature – she never understood her inside zounds.
She was then pinned by a foamy liquid in a syringe,
Her eyes closed – she had to thole the nightmares again.
Next time she arose,
She saw the same sacred lady weeping,
There was an ambiance of grief.
She couldn’t tell what it was.
The pain was mounting every single moment.
She felt her soul been lugged out.
The time has come for the farewell,
She tried to reach her mother’s warm chest,
And wrapped herself within it,
And left her last breath in the silence of her mother’s breasts……

*This is one of my old poems... Maybe been 3 years since it was lying in my PC... Just dug it out.. So here it is on my blog posted...*

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