Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Melody of Menace

This day was expected,
After all those persistent warning,
She just let it be,
Her zits are so visible now,
She could have avoided it,
By the time the fluid were formed.

The germs were never this perceptible before,
They have taken the place for granted,
Little had she shook herself then,
And destroyed each one of them,
Maybe she would have lived long.

Now she started to spew things,
And even put our life to menace.
All that barfs are still out,

My sympathy for her,
Seeing her so green,
Her temperature so high!!

My children,
Stay away from her,
The germs have sucked her well,
And already trying to reach you.

All the smoking,
Has harmed her further,
Those ruthless things!!

They are the monsters of her creation,
Her humble nature has defined her end.

My blistering rays couldn’t help her,
They already shielded themselves from me.

Now I can only pray for her a better end,
Then to sight a corpse revolving amid you.

Now, Let Me shine for you my child.
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