Saturday, October 31, 2009

Suicidal Notes - 2 (Cult)

We the Universe’s Gate,
We the knower of the sole truth,
Passed from our ancestors,
Here we are.

They knew it then,
The Genius of those days,
The earth was limited,
And to be passed by.

2012 – The doomsday,
The deadline to move ahead,
Better move on before that,
Or end up in the earth without anywhere to lead.

Earth has done its duty,
Now we should go ahead,
Like the other aliens,
Like the UFO passing by.

Blessed we that we got belief in Him,
He will guide us with the others,
Poor them to stay so,
Doomed with this earth.

We better give up the earth now,
Then it is late,
Being in hell the least we deserve,
Explore the God’s gift.

Let us hold the hands and rot ourselves,
Anyone who disagree can greed the earth,
We greedless have surpassed those stages,
Now it Mukthi we searching for.

Next level needs us to hate our motherland,
Our flesh is equally greed worthy,
We won’t give in,
We will survive this recycling.

Together we shout for the new land,

Sing our last prayer,
Let them hear our role,
Sing our last prayer,
The sin would be answered!!

And thus the hundred left the body,
Seeking for next level,
And the earth continued its stay,
For it had time to get still polluted.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Suicidal Notes - 1 (Copycat)

I read those lines again,

Another glance and I had them all in my head,

Couldn’t believe how much it connected,

Connected to each and every single moment and thought of my life.

Feels like I am finally understood,

The book said it all,

It was meant for me, only for me maybe,

A man of so many complications, a person misunderstood.

It was the only book that went out of this world,

Showing the truth, The Raw truth.

I agreed to each one of them,

As if disagreeing would prove me and my existence wrong.

But was surprised of the ending,

A suicidal it was,

He should have fought this life,

Aint life worth a fight now!

He was wrong here,

He should have thought about others,

But who are the others anyway now.

Was he right?

The author sure was depressed,

Suicide is for the losers,

I rather fight my life,

Then conclude it.

Well the author has seen the world,

He has told all the truth,

Every word enlightens me more,

Does it?

Suicide would never be a solution to anything,

But living has never given anything but solitude,

Misunderstood by everyone,

Negative the life always have been.

He might be right about it then,

But I am sufficiently coward for this,

Would rather live it like this,

A living worth a coward’s life.

It is so confusing now,

Should I live it this way?

Can I change from this?


Maybe I don’t see people like me because they end up this way,

They knew it from the start,

I was dumb maybe to carry it forward,

Have always been anyways!

Now that I know it,

Whats my options,

Should I embrace what he says?

He made total sense to me.

Henceforth no one has to tolerate me,

Did they?

Now after this no one can prove me wrong,

Can they?

Anyway I think I got enough pills to blast myself,

Yup enough they seem,

One down, two down, three down,

Damn slow, ten down at a shot.

Now would it just put me to sleep?

Would it allow me another world?

A fairy should guide me…


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fate to Blame...

If anyone had asked him what kind of life he wants to live,
He would have replied “Perhaps a dog’s life...”
And then he would justify the beauty that he could only see,
The freedom on them he felt,
A purposeless, duty less life he craved.
As a kid, he would sit with them and wander his mind around,
Enjoying the earth He created,
He felt it was to be enjoyed not worked on.

Poor those who wondered the purpose to exist,
To feel responsibilities are all you get to come down here,
Its education, work and die is what meant to be born,
Ah, Poor those.

God never sold the earth to human,
It was rented to enjoy, not settle,
Enjoy and be done was what he wanted.

Now he can’t do anything about it,
He was cursed a human.
Well if anyone would have asked what he would want to become in life,
He would say “Perhaps a Hitchhiker… I guess.”
And again he would have given a justification pretty similar,
Be gone the humans, I want to live it the way I want,
Roam the Rome, Kiss the French,
Mystify the Egypt, Purify the India,The list went on…

But if anyone would have asked him what is he doing,
He would say “CEO of a IT company..”
Then he would never justify why he ended so,
Maybe he wasn’t serious about the previous ones,
Or he was just another human to have ended up in a predefined way,
He would blame the society which bore him with responsibilities,
The fates have taken away another choice, He felt..
But would he have been happy with the first choice himself?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

2009's Say

I was born 6 millenniums back,

Maybe from a small spark or of a falling star,

I was too young then to know that,

I am one of the human now,

Born in every land sooner or later,

Died in many too,

Too many names, too much fame,

For I worked the first six days, haven’t I?

Later I created my creators,

I offered the floods, the rain, the love,

The quakes, the light, the fruit.

I am the Vedas,

I am the knowledge,

The prince, the pauper, the sage,

The beast, the kid, the warrior.

The sole acceptor of every sacrifice you make,

The victor of all the epics,

That’s me, Ha.

By 2000 B.C,

I was spread world around,

Different tongues praised me,

Different tongues questioned me,

And then it came, the A.Ds,

They crucified me, and then resurrected me.

I was the good in them,

The fear, the obedience, the order,

The faith, the relief, the compassionate.

Then the years passed by,

They discovered my creation,

Explored it, utilized them,

Exhausted few,

And few concluded my non-existence,

For they saw it all nature’s gift and not mine,

That’s ok for I created this nature.

Its 2009 now,

And they now question the nature,

Its resistance, its will to still nurture,

They add their own unreal elements,

And they enjoy its essence and presence,

Maybe they don’t need the nature after all,

Just like they don’t need me.

Ha, now it’s me and nature,

Who will be wiped together.

Wiped by my creator and their own.

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