Thursday, January 08, 2009

2009's Say

I was born 6 millenniums back,

Maybe from a small spark or of a falling star,

I was too young then to know that,

I am one of the human now,

Born in every land sooner or later,

Died in many too,

Too many names, too much fame,

For I worked the first six days, haven’t I?

Later I created my creators,

I offered the floods, the rain, the love,

The quakes, the light, the fruit.

I am the Vedas,

I am the knowledge,

The prince, the pauper, the sage,

The beast, the kid, the warrior.

The sole acceptor of every sacrifice you make,

The victor of all the epics,

That’s me, Ha.

By 2000 B.C,

I was spread world around,

Different tongues praised me,

Different tongues questioned me,

And then it came, the A.Ds,

They crucified me, and then resurrected me.

I was the good in them,

The fear, the obedience, the order,

The faith, the relief, the compassionate.

Then the years passed by,

They discovered my creation,

Explored it, utilized them,

Exhausted few,

And few concluded my non-existence,

For they saw it all nature’s gift and not mine,

That’s ok for I created this nature.

Its 2009 now,

And they now question the nature,

Its resistance, its will to still nurture,

They add their own unreal elements,

And they enjoy its essence and presence,

Maybe they don’t need the nature after all,

Just like they don’t need me.

Ha, now it’s me and nature,

Who will be wiped together.

Wiped by my creator and their own.

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