Saturday, June 28, 2008

Numb Love!!

The reverberation of denunciation was the loudest,
He now no longer feared them,
For he knows she can’t do so again,
Never ever again.

The pain is still fresh,
So is the wound.
She knew none about his mastering,
Unaware was the fate.

He dug her door with anxiety,
Dug and dug till it broke.
Now that she was on view,
He had it for sure, Ha-ha!

He gave a muted laughter,
The one which only he could sense,
Now that he held her by hand,
Dragged her all out.

Hush he said to her,
For he didn’t want to be caught,
She obeyed for the first time,
Emotionless with the world.

She was exposed to the evil,
That she knew none of,
She never thought so,
For blame the sins.

He tore her out of her cloth,
Little resistance she could afford,
He took the command,
After so many longing days.

He grabbed her insecureness,
He took herself his,
Today he will lose his purity,
For the power was all his.

He entered her stiff,
For the pain it threw,
But it was his first contact,
Contact with the rage.

The victory he felt,
Was for the act of playing the denied.
He laughed, then he cried
He cheered, then he dried.

The act was not long,
His soberness still on its way,
For he was done with the feel,
All up and high today.

Now he carried her back to her place,
Throwing her in with his might,
Putting the shovel to work,
And thus let the grave relive the unknown.

*Themed On Necrophilism*

Friday, June 20, 2008

The lil gurl on ma way...

One little cherry in her hand,
Cherishing every single bite she can,
Funny petite seed she got,
For forgotten is the Life’s tart!

One tall lamp,
Changing colour all the time,
The third companion she got,
For forgotten is the life’s sign!

One straight path,
Full of big toys,
Never a chance to play,
For forgotten is the life’s race!

One big man,
With the coat and tie,
Stretched note was what she got,
For forgotten is the life’s cost!

One small sun,
Naked warmth,
For a child’s chum she got,
For forgotten is the life’s leisure!

One last stanza,
Dedicated to that lil girl on my way,
A glimpse to feel what she got,
For forgotten is the life’s compassion!

The Dew In The Eye

It was just another lonely night,
She had an urge to take everything back!
But she can’t, not now!
If only she knew the dew in the eye of his!

Soon the flight took off the land,
All set for the unloved land!
He hates it, but
If only he knew the dew in the eye of her!

Turn around,
Give it an another glance,
Things never altered!
For you won’t always see the dew!

The hours of darkness is longer than 24,
Thinking about you.
Nightmare never came.
For nothing changed especially the dews!!

Pining down the words,
So hard till it hurts,
U got it all, but none.
Felt the iciness of the dew in the eye of U.

Now reaching the land,
I feel the thirst.
Again the outlandish love.
For I felt the dew in the eye of Us!!!

Phantom's Bell

Begone are the ulterior future,
Bygone the lucid past,
Worn the existence,
Life and pain.

Times up,
Here I am,
Free from the grip,
Life just goes on for the free soul.

Wasn’t long back when,
My shell was trashed and ruptured,
I don’t know by whom,
I don’t even care now,
The life here is better than the soiled.

I know human pretend not to see me,
Pretend not to hear me,
That’s alright,
I learnt now that they pretend their whole life.

I didn’t get my ticket as promised,
Nor the map to the third world,
Just left out here,
In a different society!

It’s like am off the dream,
And just woke to the real land,
The land of realism,
Soothed by the wraith!!

I faired pretty well,
They said,
Now that I have mastered the course,
I am a free psyche now!!

Living pretty easy, now attained earth’s afterlife,
No err done for the second!
Evil’s Solitude!!
Life’s Melody!!

Here I am back to wish other luck,
And a little homage to earth for her sacrifices,
Now I hear the phantom’s bell!!
Time to dream again..!!

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