Friday, June 20, 2008

Phantom's Bell

Begone are the ulterior future,
Bygone the lucid past,
Worn the existence,
Life and pain.

Times up,
Here I am,
Free from the grip,
Life just goes on for the free soul.

Wasn’t long back when,
My shell was trashed and ruptured,
I don’t know by whom,
I don’t even care now,
The life here is better than the soiled.

I know human pretend not to see me,
Pretend not to hear me,
That’s alright,
I learnt now that they pretend their whole life.

I didn’t get my ticket as promised,
Nor the map to the third world,
Just left out here,
In a different society!

It’s like am off the dream,
And just woke to the real land,
The land of realism,
Soothed by the wraith!!

I faired pretty well,
They said,
Now that I have mastered the course,
I am a free psyche now!!

Living pretty easy, now attained earth’s afterlife,
No err done for the second!
Evil’s Solitude!!
Life’s Melody!!

Here I am back to wish other luck,
And a little homage to earth for her sacrifices,
Now I hear the phantom’s bell!!
Time to dream again..!!

1 comment:

...Mystified... said...

Thank you!!! All hail Vignesh for writing poetry for the lost and dumbstruck at the patheticness existent on this sacred planet!

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