Friday, June 20, 2008

The Dew In The Eye

It was just another lonely night,
She had an urge to take everything back!
But she can’t, not now!
If only she knew the dew in the eye of his!

Soon the flight took off the land,
All set for the unloved land!
He hates it, but
If only he knew the dew in the eye of her!

Turn around,
Give it an another glance,
Things never altered!
For you won’t always see the dew!

The hours of darkness is longer than 24,
Thinking about you.
Nightmare never came.
For nothing changed especially the dews!!

Pining down the words,
So hard till it hurts,
U got it all, but none.
Felt the iciness of the dew in the eye of U.

Now reaching the land,
I feel the thirst.
Again the outlandish love.
For I felt the dew in the eye of Us!!!

1 comment:

...Mystified... said...

I am going to be frank. I haven't read a poem as good as this for a long time.
Dude, you really think that understanding the other side to complete extent is really that important?

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