Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Blank Thoughts

It was the shining,

The very beam of the dark world,

Just too vibrant for him to see the lining,

The illusion as his needs curled.

He did feel it coming,

But he cared none,

For that was his shining,

The very own originality won.

Perpetual wisdom diverted,

Inconsistent paranoia of the mind,

Hardly concerning the fact,

For its the wanted, not needed.

Shadows fall on lamp,

Whisker away is the ramp,

They jumble together as a shade,

Whispering the divulged grade.

Enervated will,

Crossing the valley still,

Tear the role of indifference,

For they are the least for consistence.

Rows the boat of confidence in the rake,

Peace with the sound they make,

Bounce back to the premise,

For its his own demise!!

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