Friday, December 22, 2006

Well... Yesterday wasnt nothing great...
Went to Sridhar's House (A B.E student in ma college) .. we were discussing about VB script and stuff... Yeah i know itzz a bit boring way to spend ny vacation!!! :P
This guy wanted some basics about it in his project...!!
Then spent da nite reading though The Last Mughal !!!!

Today was much da same.. though didnt go to ma friends place...
Cleaned ma house a bit wit da cleaner.. :P *I can sometime think constructive..!!Cant I?? :D*
Then Saw LOTR-I for the 16th time.... Never got bored with this Epic....Neva will!!!
Though da movie seems to b only a summary of da Book...!!
Then took ma car out for a drive.....
Hmmm... thats it..
Eagerly waitin for tommorow to dawn ... I m meetin ma close Orkut mates for da first time :P
Gonna Have A BASH!!
Due to this i m gonna miss ma Cul-Fest Meet tomorrow!! :(
Though u gotta miss something to gain something.. :P
Will b back wit more updates.. :D

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anusha said...

oooooooooo u gotta a car? u never told me dat!!:P hope u have a gr8 day 2moro!! n merry christmas!!!!!!! i will update my blog soooonish.....wot 2 do?i'm revisin 4 xams -boohooo!

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