Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dishonorable Death!!!

The cold night was just another reason to shudder,

They were already many things in her life to give her terror.

She was traveling in the mumbai local train,

She was on her way to the homeless city.

Her eyes were too tired to create one more drop of tears.

She felt drained of her life,

Preferred to die than try.

She got up from her seat,

And brought herself close to the exit-door.

She then peaked outside and saw the landscape glide by.

She was now prepared to rupture

All the bonds that tied her to this savage Earth.

She then peeked to see where she would land.

Then an alarm rang in her mind.

Who will take care of my child

Who is still so innocent and young?

What will my sick mother do,

Without anyone to lend a hand in her daily chores?

Two innocent people survive cause of her exhaustion.

Still she has to prevail.

She cannot give up now.

She then calmed down,

Stood near the door letting the cold wind hit her face.

Time passes by.

She was near her destiny,

Little she knows what awaited in near future.

She heard a gust somewhere far,

And next second another blast hit her numb ears.

She was thrown out of the flap, her body couldn’t budge.

Her hopes vanished the next second.

Fear gripped her,

Thought of the giggling child framed in her eyes,

Her mom’s words buzzing in her ears.

She then let Death have its dishonorable victory.

*Wrote this after the train blast in mumbai*


Anusha said...

whoa!!!! its so so sad!but rele rele gud!! made me wanna cry! :(

Jiggs said...

very well written,why have u stopped blogging ,u do write well

Sam said...

gotta give it to u bro!!

...Mystified... said...

Man!! What an awesome thought!!!!

Aashi Joshi said...

amazing..fantabulous...heart wrenching bitter.....

gr8 gng viggy :)

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