Tuesday, December 19, 2006

After Da Big Struggle (Read As Exam) Yesterday...
Me and a Prasanna Planed to go for a Movie....The Prestige....!!!
Da Movie Sure was worth a watch... Well Directed...!!!
Saw it in a R-Adlabs in R-Mall...
While goin up for da movie... We jst noticed a New Book Store Opened...Naturally As A Book-Freak... I went to Check out da collection... nd to ma suprise it jst beat da Collection of Crossword *One of da Big Book Store in Mumbai* though had less stock!!!
So purchased THE STAND nd THE DARK TOWER(THE GUNSLINGER) both by Stephen King !!
Nd both costed jst 271 bucks each...!! :P
Nd Today i took a complete Aaram*Rest*...
Me nd ma Friends r for now planin a Trip to da Near-By Hill-Station Matheran ....!!!
Then got some 31 nite plan to go for the Da Concert Feat. Nelly Furtado fusioned wit A.R.Rahaman..!!*temptin isnt it.. :P though aint sure ... !!*

Thtzzz for now folks...!!! :D
More 2 Come...!!

1 comment:

anusha said...

"31 nite plan to go for the Nelly Furtado fusioned wit A.R.Rahaman..!!"
?????? wot do u mean??
nywayz nice post!! :D

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