Monday, August 11, 2008

Humour the wild...

The night has just begun,
In the humour of the wild,
For the absence of a tilde,
The night has just begun.

It was just another sleepless night,
A time for the tune that drowns the wind,
The eyes wide still dazed in sleep,
It was just another sleepless night.

I was staring at the message,
The message of nil,
Still a message for me,
I was staring at the empty light.

Restless motions!
Too serene to be serene,
The words were floating like I read,
Restless Thoughts.

Staring out of the window,
The silence played around the darkness,
Darkness making it more prominent,
Staring at the far away glow.

The stillness gave a tingle,
The portrait, it was a magnum opus,
The perfection of the light,
The stillness gave the last touch.

Irritation skulked inside me,
Move, Oh Move,
Move them all for me,
Irritation sticks in the tranquillity of them.

A hearing it was from far away,
Down it came like a prayer to me,
Pour for me, Pour for me,
A hearing I heard from far away.

It Thundered!!
The trees moved slicing the hush,
The dogs howled the unbearable work,
It did thunder thrice!

Such a relief,
Enjoyed the effort, Enjoyed the uncomfort,
Haha, Their goes the dogs for the shelter,
Such a peace to see them alive.

It was the expected,
Too night for the wilderness,
Too soft for the cry,
Just as expected.

Now I stared with a foolish smile,
An act without reason,
But stayed on for all the stares,
Matching the tune of the rain, I smiled.


Aashi said...

flowing thots...wandering thots....a beautiful song...but it seemed to me to be aimless..... it was i couldnt gather wat u wanned to say here definitely is musical...but the direction wasnt there....

for those who love music for its wild nature....its amazing....but uv alwys had purpose...

or shall i say i was stupid tht it sort of alluded me even aftr 2 readings...

vignesh said...

well hmmm u can say itzzz not dat focused...
itz about da character lookin out of da window at dead nite..
he is sleepless for da stuff goin in his mind...
he look @ da world nd see da stillness in dem.. sumthing he culdnt bear... he wanted change... change in himself...
nd den da rain falls...
da trees move da dogs in da street run nd hide from getin wet...
da still picture infront of da window vanishes nd he sees a changed world.... thnxs to da one of does regular rains..!!

Aashi said...

hmm ok i think i see wat u mean now....but i read it yet again aftr ur explaination....still seemed vague...

but then i dunno it myb just me....all foggy brained n stuff.. :P

vignesh said...

lolzz.. it mite b vague... cant say itzz dat obv. or clear.. :P
no denial...!!

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