Monday, August 11, 2008

Free Fall...

Far off are the little scintillating manifestations,
Waiting for me to pass,
Are those Dot Dot Dot.

Without a thought I give my hand to it,
The Gravity, guided me,
Towards the little Dot Dot Dot.

Swimming in the air,
Thin, soft and light,
Zooming into the infinity,
Was I admiring the Dot Dot Dot?

Its white all around,
Engulfed me all within,
My emotion is what I see,
Void is what I was meant to suffer.
A passage of continuous gush,
Giving a bizarre feel over me,
Still got nothing to focus but those dots,
The Golden Dot Dot Dot!!

Swimming in the air I was,
Drowning into the stones of passion,
Diving through the coldness,
Opening my mouth just to suspire,
For I knew what was expected.

Here I come oh growing dots,
Nearing the closure of the life,
To feel them once again,
One by one,
The pain of those arousing dot dot dot.

Now I have neared it,
Enough to see the Dot opening,
A circle it was more likely,
Having some strings intervened.

The voidness had belittled,
An open invitation I got,
More like a warning,
But not for me, Not Not Not!

I heard the loud cry inside the circle Dot,
Was it a cry of unknown future?
A cry of need?
A cry of unfelt feeling?
Was it me?
Am I lovable?
Am I reality?
I strum on the strings,
A sad sound it was,
Sad but true!

Out I was, still low by heart,
Void couldn’t near yet,
I enjoyed the state,
Is reality always sadder?

Without any warning I was sucked again,
A sudden shudder in me,
A Scary world it was,
Was it the fear of No..??
The fear of Yes??
Was it me?
Am I coward?
Am I perpetual?
I strum on the strings,
Uneasiness crept,
Hysteria it was.

Again saved I was from the hell,
Hated them,
A Torment in me crept,
Dot Dot Dot,
I was in another I felt.

Why am I the one feeling this?
And the others so calm and still in their own world.
Was it the irritation of my identity?
The frustration of sanity?
Was it me again?
How many do I dislike?
Will I quench the thirsty of destruction?
The string strums in rage,
A fury of life it was.

Thought jumbled,
Waiting for something unknown,
Singing again the Dot Dot Dot.

Ah, Nothing here,
How’s that possible?
Shouldn’t I feel something??
It’s filled but the little void touch surprised me!
I couldn’t move,
I stayed staring at the whiteness,
Forgetting to strum the string!

And then I found myself directed through,
Here comes the Dot Dot Dot.

Enthrallment was filled in the air,
To glad to question them.
It was a Yes wasn’t it!
But it was just too much to take in,
Insecurity crept into me,
Even the contentment.
I hang their strumming the string,
Euphoria it was for a while.

Slowly I was out,
Unknown of what to come,
Similar to the every first Dot to put me on the fall.

I could feel the hungriness,
A desire to be loved,
Someone to show my compassion,
A dread to be rejected,
Sympathy for the unknown,
Envy of the power trapped.
Optimism to a proposal,
Passion for the desired.
Was it me?
Won’t strum this time,
For remorse it was.

This Dot extends to the infinity of my world,
And inside it I see once again those Dots,
Making me sing Dots Dots Dots!

I again forget my previous encounter,
For the new urge I felt,
A new origin of passion,
With a source unknown for my life’s eternity.

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